Does sexual life have a healing effect?

The hangover made me have a headache, but after having sex with my boyfriend, the headache disappeared completely! Does sex have a healing effect? Sexology professors pointed out that some people find that sex can eliminate headaches. American studies have also found that orgasm can cause half of the participants to relieve migraine. The reason may be that the brain’s happy hormone, Andorphan, is released at the moment of sexual outbreak, and functions like the natural drug ibuprofen. In some cases, the rate of pain in orgasm is even higher than that of prescription migraine. (Reversely, in other cases, sex, such as sports, can trigger headaches, and should be happy that you are not a member of it.) Sexual treatment is more than that, but it can also uplift emotions (the role of love hormone oxytocin) and strengthen the immune system (improve The ability of cells to fight infection, as well as moisturizing the skin (high levels of estrogen). The conclusion is: keep sex. I am afraid of the uncut circumcision, and is the handling method very different? No need to panic, this is just a layer of a penis like a neck skin. The penis that the foreskin has not been cut and erected is difficult to explain the difference in the sputum. At the time of hand or blowjob, try pushing the foreskin back with your hand. For the foreskin, there is actually not much to do. Some studies have pointed out that the uncut circumcision will be more sensitive because the foreskin has a large number of nerve endings that can still be touched. Other studies indicate that there is no difference in the sexual induction between the two types of penis. All men are different. Experts say that you may have to give a half-hour blow for a man who cuts the foreskin, but only ten minutes for an uncut. I am a virgin and would like to know what it feels like for the first time? The truth is: most women feel irritation, fear and pain. If the thing you put in is just a finger or a tampon, then the first time you make love, like the vagina is opened. Sex treatment experts say that feeling is more stress than pain. Of course, sex is also related to emotions. Experts pointed out that women and men mostly say that the object of the first night is a trusted person, and the feeling will be better. Whether the object is a boyfriend or not, if he is a younger brother, it will not be too long. You won’t be sexually active for the first time, but spending a lot of foreplay and touching your clitoris during the crossover can increase your chances of a strong exhalation. The good news is that sex can be better through practice. The fiancé wants to abstain from sex for a month before marriage, but I am worried that this will make him a “Mr. One Minute”. Who is correct? Abstinence before marriage can create a strong backlog and a wonderful climax. Experts say that some people’s sexual desires can be like shaking a water jug. If you wait too long, you will have a feeling of breaking out. Suspension of sex does not necessarily impair the persistence of a male partner, but if he is really fast at the time, he will only be in honey. The month and the rest of the day made up for it. I recovered my bed six months after giving birth, but it feels really painful and painful. Will this be better? Yes, the situation will improve. Gynecologists explain that during pregnancy, estrogen will flow throughout the body, and will drop after delivery and cause vaginal dryness. We know that vaginal dryness and so on, such as sexual pain, childbirth caused by the perineum to the vaginal tears, will not cover the pain of the cross. If you are not breast-feeding, the menstrual period will recover within forty-five days after delivery, and the estrogen level will be restored, and the sex situation will improve. What you can do now is to use a lot of lubricant. In fact, if the situation does not get better, no one will be willing to have a second child. It is true that pineapple juice can make oral sex more delicious. Unfortunately, there is no data support for this statement. Experts say that the old rumors about pineapple juice or buds can make semen more delicious, but it is endless, but after eating it, it will affect the taste of body fluids such as breath and urine. Since similar situations can also occur in pineapple juice and semen, the relevant statement can be regarded as an extension.