Have you paid attention to these problems after sex?

Sexual life is familiar to adult couples. It is a very enjoyable thing. Whether it is for men or women, sex life after marriage is a must, unless two people have bad feelings, unless the couple Do not want children, otherwise sexual life is inevitable. Sexual health experts say there are some details after sex, but few of these details are noticed. Have you noticed these problems after sex? Q: How do I have difficulty urinating after sex? Q: Recently, I found that when I was in the same room as my wife, I often couldn’t pull out the urine. I felt painful when I used it. My wife occasionally had this happening. What is the matter? What problems do I need to pay attention to? 1. Avoid excessive excitement or tension when doing normal sexual life; It is best to urinate once before sex, urinating once after sex, and develop habits, which can prevent urinary tract infections that may occur during sexual life, and maintain the functions of sphincters and detrusors. If you want pregnancy, it is not advisable to get up and urinate immediately after sex, so as to prevent premature discharge of semen. 2. Once the symptoms of dysuria occur, the doctor should relieve the patient’s ideological concerns and give appropriate sedatives or estrogens. If not relieved, a urethral dilation can be performed by a doctor if necessary. 3, to avoid the same room during the woman’s menstrual period. Because at this time in the same room, menstrual blood may be immersed in the male urethra, if urinating after sex, so that it can be washed out. Otherwise, although there will be no abnormal feeling at that time, but the next day will not be able to urinate, because menstrual blood has been agglutinated, blocking the urethra, then only to seek medical advice. Will the emergency contraceptive cause ectopic pregnancy? Q: Because I did not use any protective measures during sex, I took the emergency contraceptive the next day. I did not expect to cause abdominal pain after taking the medicine. Is the severe pain in the lower abdomen interval a precursor to ectopic pregnancy? Expert: Emergency contraceptives can generally achieve the effect of contraception according to instructions, but it will not cause ectopic pregnancy, and your abdominal pain occurs one day after sex, if there is no sexual life before. It is impossible to have an ectopic pregnancy, because ectopic pregnancy usually occurs in the fallopian tube, and it takes more than one or two days from the fertilized egg to the embryo to form a volume large enough to cause symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. If you suspect that the drug is invalid, you can go to the pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test strips, that is, you can judge whether you are pregnant. If you still have abdominal pain symptoms, you should do a gynecological examination to determine whether there are various gynecological infectious diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease. The four expressions of a man’s bed are more like sex, because sex can make you feel super cool, but also make the other person love yourself more, and the feelings will become stronger. Appropriate sex life is good for both sexes. Therefore, couples must learn to have a harmonious sex life. Then the expression of the man after the refreshing, do you understand? One, a long sigh, he is a man with an urgent personality, likes to express, after the summit, he needs to burst, although not passionate, but he thinks this will be more happy. These men are more cheerful and straightforward. The climax is also a burst of life for him. He does not hide his happiness and regret at that moment, so a complicated long sigh, draw a happy exclamation mark for his orgasm! He likes to drive straight in, in one go, and the thrill of pleasure. In life, he pays attention to efficiency, is not procrastinating, and is more sincere. Hope partner: Call him with him, he likes your happy echo, but it is also the best encouragement for him. Don’t be dumb and eat silently like Huanglian. It should be open like a flower. Second, ashamed-type He felt a trace of regret and shame for himself or “狰狞” or lingering or wild or fleshy “fried rice”, he is a boring, usually decent, rules. However, when making love, he seems to be like a “beast” to help, suddenly become angry, impulsive, or incredibly arrogant. Therefore, when he climaxed and recovered his upper body consciousness, he was awakened and embarrassed. At this time, he is a good teasing and cute. Hope your partner: Hold him, don’t say anything; or you are more shy than him. Don’t be jealous, rap, and mouth. Third, the emptiness-type he is somewhat discouraged, some see through the red dust, feel that all efforts or hard work, and finally nothing more than the end, so some lost, feel that the good things for men and women are nothing. Such men are somewhat negative and pessimistic. He may be more thoughtful, but sensitive, easy to give up, and lack of patience. His fatal wound is a lack of fighting spirit. To be love for him is a test of two heavens. From the moment when heaven falls into the world, he hates not to learn Buddha. In bed, I like some procrastination, because the peak is the beginning of the fall for him. Hope partner: Fill your happiness satisfaction with smile to save his rout. Don’t talk about trivial things, keep the atmosphere and temperature of love on a certain scale, and keep it for 30 minutes. Fourth, the hypocritical type immediately quilt cover the “ugly”, excuses “sleepy” down to sleep, or afterwards Zhuge Liang said a lot of reasons, such as “how can I do this.” It seems that he was not the real self. In the subconscious, he felt that sex is not decent. Therefore, he kept saying some digressions and diverted his attention. He did not respect the feelings of the woman at this time and the desire to continue talking. These men lack a sense of responsibility, like to shirk, not dare to take responsibility. Moreover, in the fear of the truth, in life, it is often to avoid problems by escaping, rather than to solve problems by pointing. If he is stealing outside, he must confess on the spot; Even if it is homework, it will sneak a sigh and express consciousness. When a man appears with these expressions, it means that he has been satisfied. Therefore, in normal sexual life, women can use these expressions as a criterion for judging whether a man is satisfied. Don’t think it doesn’t make sense to do this. If sex life doesn’t make him comfortable, how can he make you feel good? After sex life, many couples think that they should urinate immediately, although this makes sense, because of sexual life, There are some bacteria invading the urethra or in the private area. If you urinate in time, you can excrete it. However, it is recommended that male friends do not urinate immediately after sexual life, but wait for a while, after the body returns to normal, then go to urinate.