What kind of music do you listen to when you go to the house?

It is a very romantic thing to put music in the same room. If you have flowers and red wine, you really have a different mood. However, many people have different opinions about the habit of putting music in the same room. Then, can music in the same room improve the quality of sexual life? The key is still based on the psychology of husband and wife, some couples enjoy this environment, and some couples can not understand. Because each person’s living habits are different, there will always be friction between two people living together, and the details of life will cause adverse effects on the sex life. How to ease the tone of the couple’s disharmony in life? Put music when sex. It’s best not to have a TV, stereo or computer in the bedroom, because these electronic devices are easy for people to be attracted to entertainment content and “forget” sex life. Marley Kulana, a marriage and family counselor, suggests that some people feel that putting some soothing music in their sexual life can enhance their taste, but this is ineffective for most women and may even be counterproductive. Because the concert distracts women, they cannot fully immerse themselves in the joy of sex. Take turns to be the protagonist. Many times, men prefer partners to take the initiative. Kulana said that many couples admitted that they did not really express their desire for sex. “You think that if you don’t say it, your partner can understand it, but it’s not realistic. So if you want your partner to be active in sex, you should tell her.” Innovation makes sex fresh, but Excessive innovation sometimes makes the other person feel uncomfortable. When satisfying the partner’s sexual fantasies, you must know how to set the bottom line and say “no” properly. This will not only affect the relationship between husband and wife, but also tell the other person your feelings and increase the feelings of the couple. . Sleep and snoring. The sound of snoring is very loud when you sleep, and even if you can’t sleep, such a partner is like a “monster.” Interpersonal counsel Amurita Goel pointed out that some of the strange details of life can sometimes lead to very serious consequences, and even make a couple’s decision to divorce, such as sleeping and snoring, not taking a bath. Let your partner realize the seriousness of the problem, not only for the relationship between you, but also for the health of the other party. In our sexual life, in addition to choosing the right way for ourselves, we must also pay attention to the private parts of each other, especially the private parts of men. Although they will not take a bath every day in winter, they should also pay attention to cleaning their lower body, otherwise they will be in the same room. When a odor is emitted, it must be broken in a good atmosphere. Moreover, couples must learn certain knowledge of the same room and enhance their sexual abilities.