What are the sexual slang words that men often say?

When a man gets along with a sexy woman he is not familiar with, it is inevitable that he will have a little thought. However, a mature man will certainly not directly reveal his own voice. In order not to stagnate the relationship and avoid unnecessary embarrassment, they are good at saying something with a sexually suggestive language, and a smart woman knows it at a glance. But the lonely woman in the empty window is likely to get into the trap, and some people are willing to hook… Ten everyday whispers say that the man is the lower body, and the cute woman usually just wants to go straight to the subject. . However, when the other party is not very familiar, they directly express their feelings that they are afraid to be slap in the face, so they usually say this: ● I don’t have anyone else to say this, but they have already been smashed by you, and it’s hard to get out. . I want to leave this public place with you and go straight to the subject. It may not be because of what you said or did, just because your charm is too great or his needs are too strong at the moment. ● Don’t you come up for a while? Inviting you to go to his house for a drink or tea or coffee is basically the same. After all, in his private space, two people can be more casual. ●Don’t you please go in? If he sent you home after a happy dinner, of course, if you don’t want to see you, just say goodbye and leave. If there is any other way of expressing gratitude, how good? When he really wants to enter your private territory. ● I bought a nice CD and watched it with me. This sentence is usually said to young women who love literature and art. There are good movies in my house. If you want to see them, go home with me and sit on the soft sofa and look at them together. If you are lucky, I can put your hand on your waist. If you don’t refuse, you can kiss you, or pick you up, or… the best movie to play at this time should be an erotic movie, such as “Thirty Seven degrees two. ● I am really lonely now. He is really lonely, you only comforted on the phone or MSN, it is not painful. Compassionate, the most important thing you should do is to accompany him in the past, let him bury his face in your chest and enjoy the “mother” love. He is so pitiful, are you willing to pay a little “love”? If you are tempted, then be a lover to be sent to your door. ● Nothing is more comfortable than in my home. You may not be familiar yet, Maybe it’s the first date. But you give him a good impression, he wants to get along with you alone. He didn’t want this date to end in a hurry after a lunch, but he wasn’t willing to ask you to watch a movie or go to the park or something, which was a waste of time. It is better to take you directly to see his spacious home, to appreciate his economic strength, or to give you a cup of kung fu tea to show his sentiment. Both worry and save money. Since you agree to go with me, you must be an open-minded woman, maybe you can do something else. ● I will not do anything to you, rest assured. He saw your alertness and learned that you are not firm. He said that he only hopes to be able to get along with you, have a speaker, and nothing else will happen. At this time, you are definitely in a state of loneliness. He knows that you also need a person to accompany you. Since you have made a promise that you are not deviant, you will promise to go. In fact, you may not be able to take care of him, but you may not be able to manage yourself. How can you keep your fire and fire? ● I invite you to eat. If you two are in a relationship that can’t be beaten by eight poles, and don’t involve any economic benefits, or even a blind date, why should he invite you to dinner? The first step for a man to pick up a girl must be a treat. ● Let me help you warm up. This is the most direct sexual slang. Since you are lonely and chilly, you definitely need someone to give you warmth and comfort. How do you see me? If you don’t understand this sentence, the other person may say that you are false. Pure. ● Tell you a joke. This is not necessarily a sexual suggestion, it may just be to test your reaction. If you like him as an evil force, you are a fierce woman; you are shy and blush to show that you are a lady; you are glad to accept that you are a mature woman; that you are more jealous than his jokes, that you are a fierce woman. As for what he will do next, he has to look at what kind of girl he likes. Telling someone more than his jokes shows that you are a fierce woman. As for what he will do next, he has to look at what kind of girl he likes. Telling someone more than his jokes shows that you are a fierce woman. As for what he will do next, he has to look at what kind of girl he likes.