Older people can practice more ironwork

I am over fifty years old, I do not know when there is a significant decline in sexual function. My wife joked, I said: “You really have not retired, & lsquo; Baby brothers & rsquo; will retire!” His wife did not care, but I was anxious. To this end, I have taken a lot of medicines, what Jianshen tablets, Yijing pills, but also soaked dog whip, sea dragon and other medicinal wine, but there is no obvious improvement. One day, a 70-year-old man who was working with me in the morning exercise, after knowing my hardships, recommended to me to practice “Iron Gonggong” and patted my chest to tell me that he was the beneficiary of Tie Gonggong. After that, I practiced the iron fist work under the guidance of the old man. After three months, the sexual function was significantly enhanced. My companion was also very surprised to say the results of my practice: “It is better to practice than to take medicine!” This has strengthened my determination to practice. Now, practicing iron shovel is my daily compulsory homework. Iron fistula, also known as “the kidney capsule”, is a health care function of the ancient health-care family. It can be used for health care and treatment of male sexual dysfunction. Lu You, a patriotic poet of the Song Dynasty in China, lived to 85 years old despite his rough life, which was mainly due to his quite healthy way. In his “Jiannan Poetry”, he wrote: “If life is always going to be fine, two pears must be self-defeating.” This “two pears” refers to the two testicles of the man. After both hands are hot, they use their hands to “squat” and lick the testicles and penis. This is the iron fist. There are many ways to practice the iron shovel. Generally, the palms of the hands are hot first, then the testicles and the penis are rubbed by hand, or the pockets are rubbed up and down, or left and right, and rubbed or rubbed 100 times each time. Two times, you can wake up in the morning and sleep in bed at night. The power of sputum should be appropriate, but it should be used with a little force but not causing pain, and it should not cause excessive stimulation and cause ejaculation. Iron sputum is mainly to exercise men’s testicles and external genitalia, can promote testicular blood circulation, improve testicular endocrine function, increase testosterone secretion; can promote blood circulation of the penis, promote erection, and enhance the reaction threshold of the penis, so Treatment of sexual dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation. Chinese medicine believes that “the kidney is the main gate” and “the fire of the door” is “the fire of life.” Some people vividly compare it to a candle in the lantern, and the fire of the door is burning, and the lantern is turned; The death of the door is like a candle will go out, the lantern will turn slower and finally stop rotating, and various life activities will stop. Therefore, the kidney has a close relationship with health and longevity. Many traditional Chinese medicine anti-aging prescriptions for longevity and longevity belong to the “tonifying kidney”. Iron sputum can improve testicular function, slow testicular aging, prolong male sexuality, and it seems to make up the “kidney” Chinese medicine, which is conducive to health and longevity. Modern medical research has shown that male aging is associated with many senile degenerative lesions with reduced testosterone secretion and metabolic imbalance. For example, the tendency of testosterone to convert to estradiol is enhanced, and the ratio of the two is out of balance, which can promote the occurrence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, and is prone to myocardial infarction. For such a decrease in testicular ketone secretion, the use of androgen or “aphrodisiac” Chinese herbal medicine and edible animal testicles can only be used for a while. Because the use of exogenous androgen itself can inhibit the secretion of hormones in the testis, it can promote the development of prostate disease and coronary heart disease. Tieqiong is different from the “tonifying kidney” traditional Chinese medicine prescription. It is self-regulating endocrine through its own secretion of testosterone, which is beneficial to strengthen the body, improve sexual function and anti-aging and prolong life. Middle-aged and older men may wish to practice iron shovel, cure and exercise. I am a clinician and a beneficiary of Tie Gonggong. It is my responsibility to benefit more male sexual dysfunction.