Use communication to promote perfect sex life

Sexual skills include a variety of postures, different postures of the house, giving us different sexual feelings. There are many kinds of sexual gestures that have been passed down from ancient times to the present, and we all know that perfect sex is inseparable from high sexual stimulation, which is done through sexual posture. Daren tricks: In the husband and wife, the use of various sexual postures is normal, but it is not recommended to use more than three styles of the same room in the same room, not only does not help, but also makes the other party very weak. . In response to your situation, it is recommended to find a time with the other party and tell the other person what you think about the matter in order to resolve this entanglement in your heart. The other party uses various sexual gestures. The purpose is nothing more than to let you The sex of the house is more thorough, and when you say your thoughts, the problem will be solved. Some netizens rumored to me in the blog that her husband always likes to make love in a certain position, but he does not like it. In this case, you can only reach the goal of solving the problem by communicating and letting the other party thoroughly understand. Between husband and wife, as long as it is not the bottom line problem, these details are entangled, just by choosing good communication methods and techniques to avoid the sensitive points of the other party, in order to achieve the purpose of communication. Although various sexual gestures are prevalent on the Internet, it is not necessarily true that every kind of sexual gesture is applicable to each of us. Men think that a good posture is not necessarily seen by women. For men to use a variety of sexual gestures, women can not open the rejection of this matter, suggesting that the other party in a relaxed holiday, calm communication, can make your communication effect more similar. Good buddies have encountered such problems in their marriage. They have been busy in bed for a long time, but the other side is frowning. In general, it is similar to disgusting various kinds of housework. This kind of thing can finally be resolved with the other party, especially the husband and wife. It is absolutely impossible to guess your mind on the other side of the matter.